Has anyone stopped to ask the question, where did government come from?  The earliest settlers of America discovered the need to protect their families and property from natural and unnatural affects.  They realized that there were some people that would attempt to take from them what was not legally and rightfully theirs.  They also found a need to protect themselves from Mother Nature’s various disasters.

Each household could stand watch in their doorway with the necessary arms to protect their property.  They could also stand prepared to counteract natural disasters like fire that would also threaten their property.  This household stance of protection would prove to be a fulltime endeavor and would be a major hindrance to earning a living and enjoying life to its fullest.

As a collective strategy, many households combined to form communities and pooled their resources to hire willing individuals to provide these protective services on their behalf.  They hired young men to watch over their homes and protect them from would-be robbers.  They also hired other young men to be prepared with the necessary tools and resources to battle fire and other emergencies.  These were the original police and fire departments.

The young hired hands were given the authority to perform their requested acts by those that hired them.  No person could grant authority beyond that which they possessed, and no person could act on behalf of another beyond that granted authority.  All authority of the government is granted by the people that delegate a portion of their responsibilities to them.  The people cannot grant any authority to the government that they don’t already possess.

History has proven that when men are given a little power they will naturally strive for more power.  The founding fathers of the U.S. Constitution knew this all too well from studying histories from many European and Anglo-Saxon nations.  They explicitly wrote into the Constitution many safe guards against the usurpation of power.  They had recently battled for their freedom and liberty from the oppressive King of England.  The Declaration of Independence states their natural right to throw-off an oppressive government after sufficient patience is exercised and exhausted.

Today’s Government has stepped well beyond its granted authority from the people.  It is engaging in practices that no person had authority to grant to them.  No person has the authority to take from their neighbor regardless of how worthy their intention.  So who gave the Government the authority to take one person’s property and give it to another?  No one.  The government usurped this power by virtue of its size and threats to individuals if they dare deny the Government’s demands.  Cunning men have twisted the very instrument that they took an oath to protect and defend.  Through judicial re-interpretations of the Constitution, they have perverted the intentions of the founding fathers that are documented in many of their original writings found in journals, meeting notes, the Federalist Papers and other documents.