A new kid on the block is stepping up to help promote the mainstream adoption of bitcoin and empower people to take back control of their monetary system. Nexxus recognizes that most people will not start using cryptocurrency until they understand what it is and how they can benefit from it.  Like all new technologies, cryptocurrency is undergoing a maturing process to become easier, safer and more beneficial to use.  Cryptocurrency is less than eight years old and is in the same place as personal computers were in the early 1980s with green screens and floppy drives.  The potential for cryptocurrency is unlimited.

Earlier this year the Nexxus University launched to help non-technical people learn all about cryptocurrency.  A two hour introductory course called “Cryptocurrency Enlightenment” provides a summary of the history of money, the history of bitcoin and its potential use and value to society.  Students completing this course and exam walk away with a much better understanding of what cryptocurrency is and the problems that it solves.

Nexxus University also offers several other courses on the history of money, the bitcoin solution, and understanding cryptocurrency packaged in easy to understand lessons and quizzes with English and Spanish subtitles and eventually content translations in multiple languages.  All courses are offered for family access for 12 months from $5 – $15 each to help people affordably learn about the virtues of cryptocurrency and how to start using and benefiting from cryptocurrency.

The Nexxus Rewards system is currently in beta testing with several merchants to promote and enable the use of bitcoin and eventually other top cryptocurrencies.  Nexxus Rewards is the first bitcoin shared rewards program that offers shoppers free cashback rewards for using cryptocurrency.  Shoppers can collect and redeem reward points from multiple merchants, and merchants can get and keep new customers with a risk-free bitcoin marketing system with no setup fees, no contracts and no special hardware terminals.  Merchants can get new customers with a SMS text-message promotion system, and they can keep them coming back with a loyalty rewards program.

Nexxus Rewards plans on reaching critical mass by leveraging affiliate and viral marketing.  Independent affiliates worldwide are trained and certified by the Nexxus University to be able to speak intelligently with merchants and non-profit organizations about cryptocurrency.  Merchants and shoppers are financially incentivized to virally share Nexxus Rewards with their customers, friends and family for additional free cashback rewards.

Nexxus Barter is in development and scheduled for release this year as a cryptocurrency classified ads platform.  Free Nexxus Barter members can buy and sell to other members with free classified ads and accept any form of cryptocurrency, Nexxus reward points or other payments.  Following the craigslist and ebay models, Nexxus Barter members will be able to optionally highlight and feature their barter ad listings to sell stuff they no longer need.  Nexxus Barter members are also financially incentivized to virally share with their friends and family to receive additional free cashback rewards.

Cryptocurrency is a wild-west frontier with many early adopters and promoters.  Nexxus provides solutions worth watching that may very well be the killer app that takes cryptocurrency to the mainstream public.