Every picture above has a story.  How many of the stories do you know?  The more stories you know and learn over time the more you will discover about the real Bob Wood.  You’ll learn more about my upbringing, my family, my values, my character, my beliefs, my interests and my personal and business experiences.  I was fortunate to have good parents that taught me to work hard and that I was loved.  And even more influential at crucial times in my life were the good friends and good teachers.  Many men and women throughout my life have been good leaders setting examples for me and encouraging me to be all I can be.  I’ve sought to seize every opportunity before me.  My strategy playing the game of Monopoly was always to buy everything I landed on.  Life brings many challenges that provide relationships to cherish and lessons to learn.  Feel free to ask me anytime about any of the pictures of my life.