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Steve was an experienced sales manager and had worked for many small companies and large corporations throughout his career.  He recently heard from a friend about a new company that was preparing for an IPO on the NASDAQ stock exchange.  The company had a unique technology unlike any of its competitors and was selling its products and services worldwide.  The company was looking for a V.P. of Global Sales offering a six figure income.  Steve reflected on the Internet “gold-rush” in 2000 and how he had just missed out on the sky-rocketing dot com stocks.  Here now was a company that he could proudly represent and earn an attractive income to support his family and have stock options to take advantage of the huge upside for retirement from the worldwide introduction of their new technology.

Steve’s story is fiction, but the opportunity is real.  The company is Nexxus Partners and the unique technology is “The First Bitcoin Loyalty Rewards Program Taking Cryptocurrency Mainstream”.  The sales position is real but you don’t need to be hired and can promote yourself.  The income opportunity is real, but its potential is 6+ figures monthly not annually.  And the stock options are real in the form of Nexxus Coins that can be purchased at IPO prices with the huge potential to appreciate greatly from the worldwide introduction of Nexxus.

There is no doubt that Steve would have jumped at the opportunity initially described.  You now have the opportunity to jump on board a brand new opportunity that has even greater potential for you and your family.  An opportunity that has a solid business model on top of the innovative cryptocurrency technology.  An opportunity that has real retail products and services that the public needs, wants and is willing to pay for.  And an opportunity to capitalize on not only the sales compensation plan but also on the huge appreciation potential of the Nexxus Coins.

The timing is perfect for top leaders in the industry to jump in on the ground floor and earn the maximum money and recognition from top positions in the Nexxus sales management.

Stop whatever you’re doing and take a moment to learn what you might be missing.  Life’s biggest regrets are often the missed opportunities that passed you by.

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