Character Is Everything!

In times gone past in my grandfather’s era, a man’s word was his bond.  Integrity was an honored virtue above all else.  Honesty with one’s self, spouse, associates and with God was the single most defining characteristic of any person. Life’s circumstances did not change a person’s character but magnified it in the face of [...]

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The Divine Nature of Man

As contentious as politics may be, most people are genuine regarding their perspective on life.  Those that have differing opinions from ours are still good people for the most part, but may have a different basis for their beliefs.  The underlying question to any issue is not the issue itself, but the paradigm by which [...]

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True Charity is a 2-Way Street

The concept of charity was not fully comprehended in the Old Testament of the Bible, which focused on meting out justice.  The Law of Moses taught an eye-for-an-eye and that the loss of a hand was proper punishment for stealing.  The New Testament introduced the new law to replace the Law of Moses.  John documented [...]

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The Refiner’s Fire

As the goldsmith works his craft, heat is applied to burn the dross and remove impurities to produce a pure shiny precious metal.  Without this process we would not have the beauty and functionality of the chemical element “Au” more commonly known in its purest form of 24 carats as Gold. The application of adverse [...]

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A Moral People

John Adams wrote ‘’Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”  But what constitutes a moral people?  Can we have a moral people without religion or spirituality?  Can you be a moral person and not believe in God?  Is an individual’s morality [...]

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