Nexxus Advances the Bitcoin Ecosystem

A new kid on the block is stepping up to help promote the mainstream adoption of bitcoin and empower people to take back control of their monetary system. Nexxus recognizes that most people will not start using cryptocurrency until they understand what it is and how they can benefit from it.  Like all new technologies, [...]

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The Secret Behind Cryptocurrency Scams

Scams of all kinds feed on two ingredients to create their perfect storm; ignorance and greed.  New technologies are not understood by most people, enabling scammers to twist the facts just enough to include some truth mixed with deception to fool many unaware people with false promises. Greed replaces rational thinking especially for people in [...]

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Character Is Everything!

In times gone past in my grandfather’s era, a man’s word was his bond.  Integrity was an honored virtue above all else.  Honesty with one’s self, spouse, associates and with God was the single most defining characteristic of any person. Life’s circumstances did not change a person’s character but magnified it in the face of [...]

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The Truth Behind MLM Cryptocurrency Coins

MLM companies marketing cryptocurrency coins are getting a bad rap from the cryptocurrency industry, and probably for a good reason. They all sing the same song... buy our coin now while it's cheap and private because when we take it public it will be worth tens or hundreds of dollars and you will be rich. [...]

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Don’t Miss the Nexxus Revolution!

Nexxus Leaders can earn big money greater than any other cryptocurrency opportunity with the long-term potential to generate residual revenue for decades from a Class A company fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.  Consider the following: Steve was an experienced sales manager and had worked for many small companies and large corporations throughout his career.  [...]

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