About Bob

Bob Wood is the founder and CEO of Nexxus and is a senior technologist from Microsoft and Electronic Data Systems. In 2004, he founded Pinnacle Performance Institute, a marketing and technology consulting company to the direct sales industry for over 30 sales organizations. In 1998 during the Internet gold rush, he founded Shabang.com building it to a $200M e-commerce corporation as the first Internet product search engine, the predecessor to Google, Amazon and eBay shopping.

Mr. Wood served as Senior Consultant and Developer with Microsoft Corporation. He has over 30 years of experience in corporate America designing and building mission-critical distributed systems for Fortune 500 corporations. He was published in the Microsoft Systems Journal, published the blue book on “Re-engineering Software Development” and presented numerous executive lectures for Fortune 500 corporations on “Re-engineering Software Development.”

Bob Wood has most recently been immersed in cryptocurrency since early 2014 and has been involved in the development of many cryptocurrencies and developed a cryptocurrency real-estate exchange. Mr. Wood serves as a technology advisor with several cryptocurrency projects.  He has been referenced and quoted in many cryptocurrency news articles and has been a keynote speaker at Independence Conferences advocating the power, potential, and virtues of cryptocurrency.

Mr. Wood is a sought-after speaker at bitcoin and cryptocurrency conferences for his presentation on “Crossing the Cryptocurrency Chasm” to take cryptocurrency from the techie domain to the mainstream public. Bob Wood is an industry analyst, researcher, consumer advocate and industry watchdog, publishing articles to educate the public on recognizing legitimate sustainable cryptocurrencies. Mr. Wood also published the cryptocurrency video blog “Cryptocurrency Myth Busters” at www.CryptoMyths.com.

Mr. Wood is a regular speaker at entrepreneurial forums training business professionals on marketing strategies and the “Secrets of Online Marketing”.  He provides consulting services on all aspects of business including organizational performance, sales and marketing strategies, employee productivity and retention, successful solution implementation, technology leverage and custom software development.

Mr. Wood’s areas of technology expertise include solution development discipline and methodology, component-based application architecture, business process re-engineering, user interface design analysis, legacy system integration, multi-lingual solutions, relational data modeling, system development tools, technical instruction and project management.

Mr. Wood has twenty-five years experience with over fifty corporations as an Information Technology Consultant, Systems Analyst, Systems Programmer, Application Developer, System Tools Developer and Systems Architect in the corporate and commercial software development environments.  He is also chief architect of the Hyper-Object Technology (HOT) application architecture.

Mr. Wood is an original member of the International Methodology Team that developed the Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) and the Microsoft Solution Development Discipline (SDD).  As a methodology evangelist and Certified Master Trainer, Mr. Wood traveled throughout the United States building development teams and architecting client server systems for Microsoft clients.

In addition to his regular consulting and management responsibilities, Mr. Wood was published in the Microsoft Systems Journal, published the blue book on “Re-engineering Software Development”, and presented numerous executive lectures for Fortune 500 corporations on “Re-engineering Software Development”.